Syllabus: R&W II Spring 2019, M/W

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Happy New Year. Some course numbers are being reconciled to ensure your course registration matches your schedule. As I await information to correctly post on Blackboard, please find your syllabus. See you on Monday!

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It’s time to get it write. Right?

This is your opportunity to establish your goals to align with your vision.

This is your time to embrace the concept and practice of the “burning bowl” that allows you to write down all of the things that no longer serve you — i.e., fear, procrastination, quick trigger, etc. — and burn them away from your life.

This is your year to produce all of the desired results awaiting your unfolding.

Welcome to 2019.

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What future digital media specialists should know

For the first time, social media has become the #1 news source for news consumers.

During my lifetime, U.S. newspapers have been the primary source of news. Period.

This bodes well for the thousands of social media sites and sadly, this is not good news for traditional print journalism entities. Yet, through collaborations with communities, corporations and education, traditional print and broadcast can reinvent itself and produce content that includes all of the elements for the changing news content seeker. One of my areas of scholarly research involves the relatively news evolution of Community Media Labs (CMLs). I will share more in future posts.

The changes in news consumption are one of the many topics that we will discuss in the introduction to mass media and digital storytelling courses that I will lead. During the spring 2018 semester, digital natives will engage in “active classroom” settings and participate in “flipped classroom” settings.

Join us with your ideas for discussion points. We will have a blast.

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The Average Net Worth Of Millennials By Age

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F.t. newscast anchor for MMJ

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Internship opps!

From a @sjgcfamu82 alumna:

Please pass these along, they’re great internship/fellowship opportunities.


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Watch “The Future of Journalism: Tom Rosenstiel at TEDxAtlanta” on YouTube

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