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I'm fortunate to lead digital native students as they gain more experience and confidence in their naturally creative work. For those who want to read a traditional "About Me" here it is: I am a visiting faculty member @my grad school, Medill School of Journalism, Media, and Integrated Marketing Communications. Previously, I served as dean and professor of multimedia, innovative journalism in the Journalism & Graphic Design School at Florida A&M University. As an award-winning journalist and higher ed executive, my latest high profile project involves the multi-faceted development of a 'teaching hospital' formed via a public-private partnership and located on the FAMU campus. The public-private partnership's outcome is a multi-million-dollar, annual economic benefit to the north Florida region with direct benefits to communication students enrolled in programs at FAMU. FAMU's administration and board canceled the project. It has been a rewarding career where I have been transforming lives in education, government, and media for more 25 years. Also, as a ghost and co-writer of literary works that highlight the careers and lives of accomplished world shapers I am achieving a valued use of my talents and skills.
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Insecure v. Secure Managers

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The class is in session: Social media posting reminders

Originally posted on Kimbrough’s Class Acts:
Remember to focus: Florida A&M University senior-level student Brandon Jones is capturing a visual later used in a great social media post. social-media-post-recommendations-for-studentsDownload

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From the classroom to the screening room: Atlanta’s CHS and FAMU grad’s movie debuts

Seven-time Grammy award winner, @famusjgc PR grad and amazing man, Amir Windom debuts new film. Actor Woody McClain, also a FAMU grad, is featured in this great work. Read on: Canal Street is being released worldwide January 18, 2019 via … Continue reading

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Why I Love :) Millennials, Gen Xers and iGen/Gen Zers

The upshot: We all have a lot to learn from one another. Continue reading

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The Groveland Four: White lies led to Black deaths in Jim Crow Florida

Originally posted on Hobbservation Point:
A ghost from Florida’s segregated past was exorcised yesterday when newly elected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida elected Cabinet voted unanimously to pardon the Groveland Four nearly 70 years after they were falsely…

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