What digital native undergrad students are up to …

During the 2018 fall semester, two separate classes of active, creative and determined students met me with great energy to learn. You can check out one grouping of individual podcasts on this site. Another class of undergrad students published their podcasts on @wix.  Enjoy their work.

We now welcome a new group of digital natives in the 2019 spring semester.  I’m charged up to learn from them as they gain new knowledge from me. 

This site will provide active content primarily for university students to absorb, react to, research and share in varied formats. I will grab and share data, articles, visuals and comments that are relevant to careers and rapidly evolving digital media content. 

Join us via this @wordpress blog and through our social media posts.

Seven-time Grammy Award winner and SJGC grad flew into his School on his way to fly out for another exciting event