Pooling resources during Atlanta flight delays

“Stuck” in Atlanta at busy Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport? Not to worry.

My last lengthy flight delay occurred the Monday after Mother’s Day weekend. Thankfully, my airline notified me hours in advance of the postponement. I debated whether to extend my hotel reservation or swim my way through the delay. I chose the latter.

Reduce the stress

Jump in airport pools in Atlanta, Ga; Bangkok, Thailand; Detroit, Mich; Fort Worth. Texas; Munich, Germany; Orlando, Fla; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Qatar (western Asia); Singapore (southeast Asia); and Vancouver, Canada. Soon, JFK Airport will debut its rooftop pool in the TWA Flight Center.

My tips:

1. Always travel with your swimsuit or fork over $$$s for hotel-bought swimwear.

2. Check whether hotel day rates are available at onsite or nearby airports if you rather nap instead of completing pool laps.

3. Confirm the pool rules. My hotel at the Atlanta airport did not have a pool. Yet, my airport folio accompanied by a note by the front desk staff to the across-the-street hotel, yielded me a cool pool afternoon before boarding a flight that evening to chilly Chicago.

Not a swimmer or want other entertainment or relaxation? Check with airports on your next destination just in case your flight is delayed. Up for shopping, videos, gyms and elaborate play areas? Get stuck in Chicago’s airports.

Ann L. Wead Kimbrough is an accomplished educator, award-winning financial journalist, author, special events leader, mentor and prolific contributor to select global and domestic non-profit causes. Her blog topics include travel, history, humor, education, career, family, journalism and ‘thought you should know’ subjects. https://www.linkedin.com/in/annlineve/

About awkimbrough

I'm fortunate to lead digital native students as they gain more experience and confidence in their naturally creative work. For those who want to read a traditional "About Me" here it is: I am a visiting faculty member @my grad school, Medill School of Journalism, Media, and Integrated Marketing Communications. Previously, I served as dean and professor of multimedia, innovative journalism in the Journalism & Graphic Design School at Florida A&M University. As an award-winning journalist and higher ed executive, my latest high profile project involves the multi-faceted development of a 'teaching hospital' formed via a public-private partnership and located on the FAMU campus. The public-private partnership's outcome is a multi-million-dollar, annual economic benefit to the north Florida region with direct benefits to communication students enrolled in programs at FAMU. FAMU's administration and board canceled the project. It has been a rewarding career where I have been transforming lives in education, government, and media for more 25 years. Also, as a ghost and co-writer of literary works that highlight the careers and lives of accomplished world shapers I am achieving a valued use of my talents and skills.
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2 Responses to Pooling resources during Atlanta flight delays

  1. Wanda Stansbury says:

    WOW! I’m so proud of you Neve Wead. It’s been a long time since our pea coat and penny loafer days at Medill but I smile whenever I think of you. I am elated to know that you are on the faculty there, not to mention all of your other great accomplishments. You go!!!

    • awkimbrough says:

      Thank you for being Wanda. Wow: Pea coats and penny loafers! That brought back the very best memories! Thank you, Wanda. I pray to see you sometime soon. You continue to keep me smiling … no laughing! #mygirlwanda

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