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Insecure v. Secure Managers

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The class is in session: Social media posting reminders

Kimbrough’s Class Acts

Remember to focus: Florida A&M University senior-level student Brandon Jones is capturing a visual later used in a great social media post.

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From the classroom to the screening room: Atlanta’s CHS and FAMU grad’s movie debuts

Seven-time Grammy award winner, @famusjgc PR grad and amazing man, Amir Windom debuts new film. Actor Woody McClain, also a FAMU grad, is featured in this great work. Read on:

Canal Street is being released worldwide January 18, 2019 via Smith Global Media/Sony Pictures Entertainment (

Here’s some info on the film:
CANAL STREET is a faith-filled and timely portrayal of racial and class conflicts ripped from today’s headlines, where young men of color are often guilty until proven innocent. After the murder of a white classmate, all eyes fall on Kholi Styles (Gray), and it is up to his father (Williamson), an up-and-coming lawyer from the south side of Chicago, to prove his son is not the monster the world has made him out to be. This inspirational film will be entertaining for audiences of all ages.
Canal Street is directed, co-written and produced by Rhyan LaMarr. The film boasts a veteran multi-ethnic cast which includes Bryshere Gray (“Empire”), Mykelti Williamson (“Fences”), Mekhi Phifer (“Divergent”), Woody McClain (“The Bobby Brown Story”), Lance Reddick (“John Wick”), and Kevin Quinn (“Bunk’d”). Grammy Award winning record executive Amir Windom (Bruno Mars, Pharrell) executive produced the film and also music supervised the film.
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Why I Love :) Millennials, Gen Xers and iGen/Gen Zers

I keep up with the current and historical data and trends on what to generally know about each generation. I am a Baby Boomer. I was born in 1958 — almost in the middle of the 1946 – 1964 range when we were cast as the biggest group of babies born in modern times.

I love my age colleagues. Yet, I love the Millennnials (1980 – 2004), Gen Xers (squeezed in between the Millis and Gen Zers), and my iGen or Gen Zers. Why? They are rebels. They are inquisitive and if you answer their queries in a thorough manner and never tire of the questions, they are forever engaged in your space.

As a university professor, I am fortunate to learn from a lively group of young people. My current semester’s classes have their own cultures. In one class, my sophomores, juniors and a few seniors are interested in the how-tos of blogging and podcasting. The other class is interested in writing drills and building confidence in their writing. The other class is interested in learning more about the multi-media and public relations/affairs environment. In all, the students have these factors in common: They want to learn more, they do not like traditional textbooks and varied classroom engagements are their favorite distractions from regularly checking social media posts on their portable devices. They respect data, especially when they count the number of views and likes one has on their social media posts. That’s why I’ve included just one of my social media stats from @Quora. See the weekly stats that are the featured image in this post.

I learn from this group. I engage with them through the traditional school-based tools — Blackboard and iRattler — yet, I utilize all social media formats identified by them and me as their key sources of news and information. I also blog and am a frequent contributor on @Quora and LinkedIn’s private mentor platform. My email and text features are also open to students. I incorporate games into the learning modules, conduct quizzes and offer surveys. Visuals, including live TV news shows, podcasts and “Skyped-in” telecasts are included. They also love the in-person appearances of grads, especially those on the celebrity level.

I recommend to my colleagues to consider different approaches to reaching this important group of our current and future leaders. Often, my peers quip to me something like, “it must be tough teaching Millennials and the other Gens.” I answer back: “No, it is easy. They know everything!” My response is meant to be a joke, because the one feature of my favorite group of folk is that they believe that they know a lot because they are digital natives. Naw. When it comes to insight on interpersonal skills development, general life skills, effective workplace decorum and similar “basic” life experiences, my favorite group of young people are well … er uh … lacking.

The upshot: We all have a lot to learn from one another.

Stay tuned.

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The Groveland Four: White lies led to Black deaths in Jim Crow Florida

Absolutely well-timed, well-written and extremely moving. Chuck, thank you and to the families of the falsely accused: No words can adequately share how we feel. Thank you, also to the newly elected Florida gov. To the still-lying woman: God bless you!

Hobbservation Point

A ghost from Florida’s segregated past was exorcised yesterday when newly elected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida elected Cabinet voted unanimously to pardon the Groveland Four nearly 70 years after they were falsely accused and convicted of rape.

The Groveland Four’s case started out none too dissimilar from thousands of others that led to lynching or indefinite incarceration of Black men, women and children during the nearly 80 year period of lawlessness and white vigilantism known as Jim Crow.

On July 16, 1949, Anna Padgett, a 17-year old white woman, and her husband Willie, 22, claimed that they were attacked by four young Black men on a country road in the town of Tavares, which is in Lake County near Orlando.

florida-governor-ron-desantis-posthumously-pardons-four-black-men-in-1949-rape-case-4(Willie and Anna Padgett circa 1949)

Local law enforcement rounded up four suspects: Ernest Thomas, Charles Greenlee, age 16; Samuel Shepherd, age 22, and Walter Irvin, age 22…

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